The Church Split Cure: Prevention, Survival & Recovery

Countless believers all over the world are traumatized by church conflicts every year. Here’s a message of hope and healing from someone who knows all about congregational conflicts — and who wants to help you not only survive, but thrive!

Walking the Leadership Highway–Without Becoming Roadkill!

“Jim Buchan, relying on life itself as the best teacher, unmasks his own personal traumas and triumphs, pain and progress, to assist others who will benefit from his experiences. I strongly endorse him.” — T.D. Jakes

Walking the Leadership Highway–Without Becoming Roadkill describes a leader’s calling, training, suffering, failures, temptations, vision, lifestyle, and joy. Sharing personal stories and practical applications of Scripture, Jim provides vital encouragement to leaders in their own journey down the leadership highway.

Apostolic Evangelism: Can You Hear the Call?

“Jim Buchan’s frank and insightful discussion of evangelism serves a healthy notice in the context of some of today’s self-serving quests for ‘apostolic’ recognition. Ministry callings are essentially about serving, not ruling–and above all, about reaching lost souls with the manifest love of God.” — Jack Hayford

“Jim cuts through the rhetoric and forces us to look for the fruit. He is not impressed with techniques or titles, but points us to a passionate outreach that springs from intimacy with God. I enthusiastically recommend this book for believers who yearn to rekindle their passion for Jesus and compassion for the lost.” — Mike Bickle

“Jim Buchan has put his finger on an extremely timely issue, namely the ‘apostolic disconnect.’ I heartily agree that a much stronger connection between apostolic ministry and proactive evangelism is desperately needed in this hour. Apostolic Evangelism is a wake-up call to help make this happen!” — C. Peter Wagner

“Jim provides a great resource for all those who are currently in leadership positions.” — David Yonggi Cho