Recently I was praying for a friend who has a ministry in another town. “What is my friend up to today?” I asked the Lord. It was a rhetorical question, and I didn’t really expect a direct response. However, I sensed the Holy Spirit giving me a surprisingly clear answer:

“He’s taking care of the sheep!” the Lord said.

I immediately remembered the story about young David in 1 Samuel 16. His seven older brothers had all gathered around the prophet Samuel in hopes of being selected as the next King. But David, in the meantime, was faithfully watching over his father’s sheep.

What a contrast – incredibly timely for us today. Many people are eager to promote themselves and get a bigger platform for their ministry, business, or social media accounts. They dream of writing best-selling books, speaking at large conferences, or attaining to some lofty “five-fold ministry” as described in Ephesians 4:11.

Although I haven’t been immune to such ambitions, I now have a new perspective. Even if you’re destined, like David, to be King someday, the best pathway is servanthood – the thankless task of taking care of the sheep.

So I encourage you to search your heart today and examine your motives. Quit worrying about having a bigger platform and do what pleases the Good Shepherd – taking care of His sheep.

3 thoughts on “TAKING CARE OF THE SHEEP!

  1. Indeed, thanks for the re-focus encouragement. Joanne used to say, Humility is the #1 trait she prayed for herself and loved ones…

  2. As usual brother, you are right on. As I see it, that means Equipping the sheep to care for themselves and other sheep so wolves cannot eat them so easily. (The metaphor is in exact here!) As I ponder why so many churches are collapsing I see a lot of untended and unequipped members who have little resiliency to fight of a wolf.
    Keep up the good work and the great writing.

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