The Parable of the Faulty Showerhead


Regaining Focus in a Distracting World

We live in the most distracted and unfocused generation in history. No wonder “engagement” is one of the biggest buzzwords in the corporate world today.

I was in a meeting recently and got rebuked by someone who caught me checking emails on my phone and sending text messages. “Pay attention!” she told me. “It’s disrespectful to be looking at your phone while people are talking.”

Things only got worse when I tried to explain to her that I was simply “multitasking.” Yes, I’ve gotten good at multitasking, which also may mean I’ve gotten good at being unfocused in my life.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a problem I had with my showerhead many years ago. The bathtub lever that was supposed to divert water to the showerhead became defective. So instead of the normal gush of water through the showerhead, there was only a trickle. The rest of the water went down the bathtub drain.

I had been in showers before that trickled because of poor water pressure, but never had I seen one that had such high water pressure and yet insufficient water actually going to the showerhead. For a while I tried to just live with the situation, but soon the problem got worse and I had no alternative but to get it fixed.

I’ve discovered that God can teach us vital lessons even in the mundane situations we encounter in life, and that was definitely true about the defective shower mechanism. I saw that my life too often has been characterized by plenty of “water pressure,” but with a lot of the water going down the drain instead of toward my main priorities and calling. Although the living waters of the Spirit were present in abundance, they weren’t properly directed toward God’s primary purposes for my life.

I see many people trying to handle their lack of focus same way I initially tried to deal with my shower problem. It has been so long since they’ve had a good “shower,” they consider their situation the “new normal” and simply try to adjust to lower expectations. Or perhaps they’ve given up on taking showers—i.e., given up on their true calling—and have resigned themselves to taking baths instead.

Rather than resign ourselves to low expectations or an unfocused life, maybe it’s time to get the shower mechanism fixed. Instead of adjusting to a diversion of our energy in the wrong directions, maybe it’s time to adjust to this sobering but encouraging fact: God’s purpose for our lives has never changed.

This is exactly what Paul tells us Romans 11:29: God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable.”  Isn’t it time that we adjusted everything else to THAT?

But what if your showerhead mechanism has been defective for years? How can you regain your life’s focus once it’s been lost? Look at how The Message translates Romans 11:29: “God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.”

Isn’t that good news? Your calling is under “full warranty”—and that warranty can never be cancelled or rescinded!

If your energy, time, and resources are being diverted away from your true purpose in life, don’t tolerate the situation any longer. It is time to divert the full force of living water toward what God has truly called you to do.

Ironically, sometimes the first step in full engagement is to fully dis-engage, whether to wait upon God’s direction or merely get some needed rest. There’s no better way to regain focus and spiritual vitality than to quiet our hearts and invite God’s presence (Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 40:31).

But be clear on this: You can’t afford to allow the precious water of the Spirit to go down the drain any longer. If you find your showerhead is merely dripping, I encourage you to take urgent steps to re-divert the full force of water toward your true mission!


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One thought on “The Parable of the Faulty Showerhead

  1. Once again, great insight on an ordinary, relatable item that will be on our “home” fix it list at some time in our lives. Thanks for the scriptural reference as they always anchor your message. Most appreciated. This does beg the question, “what is enough water pressure?” I am sure I will find the answer in the Word, and the answer, I suspect, will be between He and thee. Thanks again Jim for making a difference.

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