2 thoughts on “Mystics in an Age of Metadata

  1. Absolutely right, Jim! You’ve identified 2 very different kinds of knowledge. There’s the knowledge of the worldly, evoking what the book of James calls the DEMONIC wisdom of the world. And there is what A.W. Tozer called the “knowledge of the holy.”
    The knowledge of this world is set on the discoveries and ambitions of THIS life only. Therefore, it is self-centered and manipulative. The knowledge of the holy is based in a desire for the discoveries and ambitions of eternity. Therefore, it is God-centered and rooted in His Word of truth. It seeks not to manipulate others but to serve them. It accepts rejection and sacrifice in this life to precipitate what the Hebrews 11 foretells as a “better resurrection.” The false prophets of our age who claim to be “Word people,” have betrayed the Word. They have picked it apart to proclaim scriptures that only focus on the immediate, earthly rewards. It’s all about how much “God loves me,” what “God wants to do for me,” in THIS LIFE. Yet the Bible says much more about the appearance we must all make before the judgment seat of Christ where we are each judged and rewarded based on our DEEDS in this life. When people are taught this by their pastors, it greatly affects how they live their day to day lives. They are kinder, more generous, merciful, and honorable. When they ignore that day of judgment, they (even Christians) become self serving, egotistical, arrogant, and deceptive. Thank you for being one of the few who is willing to speak these eternal truths. I’m afraid nearly all the pulpits in America have turned from the truth of the Word to the instead proclaim the feelings of the people.

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