Let’s Make 2015 a LEAP YEAR!

I love the story of Mary, pregnant with Jesus, visiting her cousin Elizabeth, who was pregnant with the baby who would become John the Baptist. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, “the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit”  (Luke 1:41).

There’s an important message here: When you’re in the presence of Jesus, something will LEAP within you! It may be your dream…your vision…your faith…your calling—but you can expect something  to leap in your heart when you experience Jesus.

This is good news if something has been dormant in your life. The resurrection power of Jesus can bring to life even things that have long seemed dead.

It’s also good news if you need something in your life to take a leap forward this coming year. Even though the calendar says there won’t be another leap year until 2016, I’m convinced God wants to make 2015 a “Leap Year” in our lives. Because of the presence of Jesus as Immanuel, God with us, there can be a sudden leap forward of something we need—whether our finances…our health…our relationships…our peace of mind…or simply our fruitfulness in the kingdom.

What area of your  life needs to “leap” forward this coming year? God can do more in mere moments through His supernatural power than you can accomplish in months of striving in your own strength.

After the baby leaped inside her womb, “Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.”  You see, once God causes fresh vision to leap in your heart, you need the power of His Spirit to fulfill that vision.

Can you sense Jesus stirring something in your heart today? Then be filled with the Holy Spirit, and get ready for Leap Year!


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