Haman Will Hang on His Own Gallows

Last week I woke up one day with the words of 2 Kings 6:16 rolling around in my head: “THOSE WITH US ARE MORE THAN THOSE WITH THEM.” You can read my blog about this at https://bit.ly/2WSk6QU.

However, this week I woke up with another Biblical story leaving its imprint, this time from the book of Esther: HAMAN WILL BE HUNG ON HIS OWN GALLOWS (Esther 7:10).

Perhaps you remember the story. Haman had risen to power as the top adviser of King Xerxes, rule of the Persian empire. He was so powerful that the king ordered people to bow down whenever Haman passed by.

However, Mordecai the Jew REFUSED TO BOW DOWN, and this enraged Haman. Notice two lessons here: (1) Wise people are careful who or what they bow down to (see the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in Daniel 3). (2) When you refuse to bow down, evil people typically become enraged, even willing to harm you.

What timely lessons for us today!

As the story in the book of Esther continued, Haman worked for nearly a year to develop a plot to exterminate the Jews, God’s people. As part of this plot, he created a huge gallows where Mordecai would be hung for all to see.


Some would say that believers face similar threats today. Both then and now, God’s people always pose the biggest threat to tyrants. As long as God’s people are actively practicing their faith, praying, and refusing to bow down to political correctness, they incur the wrath of those who seek power for themselves (2 Timothy 3:12-13).

Fortunately, God had placed QUEEN ESTHER in a strategic position to stop Haman’s evil plot. Mordecai pointed out to her that she was in the Kingdom for “SUCH A TIME AS THIS” (Esther 4:14). But her position would have done absolutely no good unless she was willing to exercise COURAGE, even if that meant perishing to save her people (Esther 4:16).


Because of Esther’s boldness, Haman’s plot was EXPOSED –just as God is going to expose the evil plots people have launched against our nation in recent years. Instead of Mordecai being the one who was hanged, HAMAN WAS HUNG ON HIS OWN GALLOWS!

Just as Esther started out as a BEAUTY QUEEN, the church in America has been used to enjoying an easy-going, non-confrontational popularity. But these are perilous times, when it’s no longer an option to remain silent.

Friends, are you willing to SHARE THIS POST, asking praying people everywhere to petition God to EXPOSE HAMAN’S PLOTS and raise up bold ambassadors to intervene and save our nation?

Whether you realize it or not, YOU were born for such a time as this! Will you answer the call?

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2 thoughts on “Haman Will Hang on His Own Gallows

  1. Jim, I needed to read this today. A few ladies and I gather and pray a discussed this exact blog.

    Thank you for your courage because there’s a lot of silence.


  2. I believe this article rings more true today than it did back in July. Let’s all keep courage, and keep standing. We will not be hung on the gallows, the enemy will.

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